Being able to effectively communicate among teams is a proven way to improve productivity and inspire innovation within your organization. To successfully enable unified collaboration, chat, voice, and video-conferencing, communications need to be integrated into a user-friendly system. 


Perfecta Tirade™ offers secure UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) capabilities for the team members of your choosing, making it possible to leverage secure Voice/Video/Chat. Its unified communications platform and SDK (Software Development Kit), complete with end-to-end encryption, enables your personnel a simple drag-and-drop to add a SDK to your site or establishes a connection. Data sent through communications system are forensically irretrievable, thanks to a unique layer of security built into the.

Secure Unified Communication System

Tirade™ virtual universal communications servers utilize a secure software-defined networking (SDN) stack that can connect via WAN to regional carrier gateways.


At a high level, the Tirade™ system backend is a custom PBX (private bank exchange) with built-in selective forwarding units (SFUs) as well as STUN and TURN serversThe technologies are complex, but Tirade™ is even more robust and secure than other UCaaS offerings. All backend systems and subsystems interact using authenticated connections and encrypted data. Tirade™ system backend integrates with large CSPsas well as smaller, regionally-based CSPs and mobile wireless gateways.

Perfecta provides several configuration options that make global messaging and management a reality for any size company. An organization may wish to implement Tirade™ as a managed service, removing themselves from any interaction with the system while periodically receiving marketing leads. In a managed service implementation, Perfecta provides all necessary staff and functionality; you provide the message and the phone numbers.  For organizations that wish to manage their messages and interact with recipients, Perfecta offers a web-only configuration, integrating VoIP with cloud providers. We can forward-deploy mobile wireless gateways allowing smooth integration of VoIP, cloud communications and provisioned gateways

Secure & Configurable Communication

Unmatched Features

  • Real-time collaboration platform
  • SDK 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • User-configurable
  • Voice/Video/Chat

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